5 Tools To Make 2013 Your Best Business Year

5 Tools To Make 2013 Your Best Business Year

Before I get to my 5 tools, it’s time for a reality check.

Listen, life is short and you’re not getting any younger.

I was thinking about how many people are on the planet right now and I believe there are around 7 billion or so. Three hundred million live here in United States of America, which is still the easiest place to get rich, provided you’re not engaged in some kind of criminal activity.

The American Advantage

small business Let me put this into perspective. Take 70 people and line them up for a 1 mile race. Most high school and college tracks are quarter miles ovals. So if you want to run a mile, then you would need to go around that oval track four times. Imagine 3 of these track stars living in America and the remaining 67 living somewhere else. Now give those 3 Americans a one lap head start.Who has a better chance of winning?

That’s the American advantage in my opinion. We have at least a one lap head start over everyone else on the planet because our country was originally designed to serve the people, not serve the Government (this appears to be changing).

Count your lucky stars if you live in the States, and you have the spirit to succeed. Realize that people are still immigrating here, both legally and illegally to live the American dream because the country from which they came suppress life, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Despite all my usual Government ranting, taxes are still cheaper, and opportunities for American entrepreneurs are far greater than any other Country on the planet.

Even though Big Brother continues to methodically and strategically smother our personal rights, and corruption continues to flourish on Capital hill, at least they haven’t forced our cops into blatant South American shakedown artists.

And there’s still a chance for you to succeed, make money and hold your own in the world of business here.

In today’s World, Traditional Retirement is for Suckers,

4 hiur work weekLets face it, the idea of working the better half of your life, in hopes of earning enough money to sustain an enjoyable retirement in your later years, is likely a fallacy for you.

Hopefully your a bit like me and you’ve read Tim Ferriss’s book The 4 hour week a half dozen times and you know the NR (new rich) need mini retirements and passionate work to have enough money to survive and remain happy. We don’t wait till we are decrepit old senior citizens to enjoy life on our terms.

Obviously, business owners have a passion for what they do, or else they wouldn’t be doing it, right? And if you achieve traditional retirement, which many successful people do, chances are you’ll find yourself bored and heading back to work, doing something that interests you. So retirement, in it’s traditional sense, will never happen for most of us.

TRUTH: Traditional retirement for most Americans, will mean debilitating bodies and epic health issues.

is obamacare bad for business?You and I both know that healthcare isn’t getting any cheaper. Also, the truth is, Obamacare is going to introduce a new industry, the private healthcare that’s better than Obamacare industry. It will be an alternative, private healthcare that you will want, because it’s better than the free stuff but it will cost you big!

This is especially true for those of you who are foolishly participating in today’s chronic obesity (65% of America is too fat, 42% are obese) and prescribed drug epidemic. Fifty two percent of all Americans are on a prescription drug.

I can practically guarantee that if you can afford it, you will pay out of pocket for premium healthcare that is better than Obamacare.

It’s like sending your kid to a private school because you can afford it and you also know public education sucks.

I apologize for the rant but the truth is, you need to start looking seriously at your future and you need to prepare for a successful outcome, because the government will not be there to support you. They will simply deal with you.

There is no guru, no religious figure, no life coach, and no big brother that will take you by the hand and walk you through step by step, on how to get rich, so you can live happily ever after. That’s all on you! It’s time to own up, and realize that good planning and real action turn ideas and dreams into reality.

It took me a good while to chisel out the layers of BS and concrete piled up in my head. Years and years of misinformation gratuitously provided to me by societies best (parents, teachers, politicians, religious figures etc) and it has taken me awhile to unravel the truth and incorporate a life strategy that works for me and makes me happy.

Originally, I thought I needed to find a wife, pop out kids, be miserable, buy a minivan, have a lousy job, eat fast food, get fat, go on Lipitor, fight diabetes and the gout, watch too much TV, drink to much, retire at 65, so I can finally do something that I want to do, worship a Christian God and finally die and go to heaven, where I would be rewarded for suffering through that miserable ass kicker called life.

Thankfully, I have crossed the paths of many people in my life and simple observations have saved me from that path of self destruction.

I too am climbing my own personal ladder. I’m hacking this thing called life as best as I can and changing the rules so they work in my favor. Are you?

Here are 5 critical elements that are helping me get to where I am going. I recommend you get started doing the same ASAP.

1. You MUST Be Responsible. Proactive people take responsibility. They don’t blame circumstances or conditions for their behavior. Most of us come from broken homes that spoon feed us ideologies and systems that suppress and keep us from achieving our maximum potential.

The first thing you need to do is stop playing the victim, screw the past and what all the idiots, who still wallow in misery have told you, look to the future and find the people that actually help you succeed! This works in business and in life! It’s time to level the playing field. If it takes money, then find the money. Advice from experts is not free and it’s often not cheap, but you do get what you pay for.

2. Success Will Take Work. Most people will not find success in anything worth striving for the first, second or third time they try. You are practically guaranteed to be met with TEMPORARY defeat, and some failure. When faced with defeat, the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit. This is exactly what MOST people do! Do not be like most people, you are better than that. All who succeed on their own get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they arrive!

3. Become a Daily Note Taker. Think about your business and your life and write down where you have failed, so you don’t make the same mistakes this year. Some things might be obvious, such as neglecting your health. Maybe you didn’t exercise enough or you drank too much, or maybe you didn’t meet your financial goals.

Hell, maybe you didn’t have any goals. Go out and buy a nice journal to write in. Do not use your ipad or computer for this. Start today and write in it. Write about last year’s success and more importantly, last year’s failures. Create a weekly to-do list, set weekly goals for yourself, write them down and carry around your journal like you would your wallet or your purse. Look at it a dozen times per day if you have too. This is how you set the gears in motion and get stuff done!

4. Manage your Energy. Capacity, interest, and mental endurance all run in cycles. Expect it like bad weather in a 3 day forecast and manage yourself accordingly. Take time for yourself, and I mean the kind of time that has you feeling good and energized, so you’re ready to hit the ground running. This doesn’t mean stressful vacations with the family, or getting drunk over the weekend. If you return to work relaxed and at peace, then you had the right kind of break. Note, you might need to work at relaxing. Being over wound is a common side effect of highly functional people.

5. Results in Advance. I swiped this from Frank Kern and Steven Covey. Start out with the end in mind and create frameworks for your results in advancegoals. A goal for example, would be the end result, such as, get 111 new likes on my Facebook business page over the next week. Well, what will it take to reach 111 new likes on your Facebook business page? Start from the result and work your way back.

I do this with everything. Whether it’s marketing for myself, a client, or its an Ebook I’m writing, or a new App I’m developing. This simple results in advance frame work allows you take a goal from completion to concept.

I realize there are a thousand more tools and ideas that can be added to the list. What tried and true methods have kept you on track?

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